Build Your Own Ecommerce Marketplace

If you wanted to build your own ecommerce marketplace on the FASTEST framework ever, you've come to the right place. Any business can create their own online individual stores, manage their store and customer service. We made it hassle-free, and the user's experience is simple! 

Create an account, login and manage everything from your profile. Upload products/services, photos, attributions and all. The amount of products you can sell is unlimited! You will need to add your own refund policies and terms of service.

Then start utilizing the marketing features that already come with our JagSuite solution! Creating their blogs, press releases, job postings, and best of all the Jag Social Share. (No more needing Hootsuite/Buffer to handle your social media marketing...)

Yes, that's right! We have an all-in-one POWERFUL Jag Difference!

Vendors Marketplace on Easy Mode

No matter the vendor type, if they're a street merchant, to landscaping services... You can open up your marketplace today! Jag Journey, LLC Built JagSuite to allow everyone to take hold of every aspect to bring businesses from offline to online. Or to help save and create an avenue that'll save everyone in the long run!

You will be able to run your marketplace out of Jag with the following in mind:

  • Sell product and services online
  • Ability to schedule pick up or have it shipped

The flow of how it all works is shown below!

The Flow of Multi-Vendoring

Payment Gateway

Our preferred choice is with, they've made it possible to run your very own marketplace, payout instantly to the vendors. 

As you can see on the flow to the left here, Stripe has made it easy for you to set up your own shop and payment gateways with your Jag installation. As you see here! One-click, and a three-step (At process to sign up immediately! 

Payments & Fees

Our team at JagJourney know businesses are experiencing difficulties right now with COVID-19 Pandemic. Right now selling on JagExchange is FREE! We are not charging any membership fees or commissions for a minimum of 60 days. This could be extended.
Typical Pricing & Fees:
Membership cost: $5 per month
Commission fees: 1% of all sales

Create Your Ecommerce Store!

We'll blow you away with the magnitude of our system, and how EASY it is to manage every aspect!