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"We're giving back time by integrating your business into one powerful solution."

The JagExchange solution is an all-in-one platform for anyone needing to be online and having their products sold online without the need or hassle of hiring any developer or web designer! Just upload/import your products within this digital platform that'll allow you to PROGRESS without any middleman fees. Allows shoppers to feel SECURE and knowing that NO Credit Card is stored here! We're PCI-DSS compliant!

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How JagExchange Works

If you're shopping your favorite products by your favorite business in town and need to do so online? That's the idea of JagExchange, we're here to show you that there should be a platform for everyone! We're not out to hinder a brick and mortar store from succeeding online! We're here to help you navigate without all of the ad-filled websites that are out there hitting your favorite shops within heavy fees! Not with JagExchange, if we're to charge a fee, it's going to be only ONE PERCENT (1%)!  

  • We Assist

    We love to help and assist if there is any question(s), feel free to reach out to us always! If you're blind, our site is ADA compliant and will help you through with your J.A.W.S software! We HELP ALL!

  • We're Authentic

    We love to be upfront and honest and hold all of our vendors to this to be selling on our JagSuite solution that was built many years prior to all of these false promises that are provided by many other platforms out there!

  • We're About Community

    We love to interact within all of our communities, internal and external, with kindness, patience, and gentleness through the tough times and teach you how easy it is to shop online conveniently without the need of providing all of your personal information to a company!